Pinterest has to be my favourite website. From searching for meals I can make out of what’s in the fridge, to nail colours to perusing the swathes of photographs on all things quilting and patchwork. It is the visual equivalent of Wikipedia for me; you start with a simple search on geometric designs and you end up knee deep in tutorials on how to decorate mugs using Sharpies. Or just crafty-lady quotes.

But the main reason I use Pinterest is although I love making, sometimes I lack the creative inspiration to design something from scratch. I’ve recently been trying to find inspiration for a baby quilt for a nephew due in the coming weeks. Where do I start? I know a nature or outdoor theme would be good, as would blue and greens. But I don’t want anything twee or overly babyish.

My initial search was for “modern baby quilt”. I then let the Pins take me organically through to some others I liked, before settling on a hybrid design of a few I admired.

The quilt is currently “in design” on some grid paper, soon to have the colours picked and cut. I can’t show anything yet, but as soon as I have pictures I will share those.

So, we’ve set up our own Pinterest page and are regularly collating pins we find both beautiful and inspirational. For those looking for modern patchwork and quilting. If you’re anything like  me, I hope this can become a source of ideas and creativity to get you motivated to sew. Or just somewhere to spend 5 minutes admiring the creativity of others.

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